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Krita is a free sketching and painting program. Krita is not Photosop, Gimp or Corel Painter copy, but unique creative tool for digital artists. It supports bitmap and vector graphics and wide range of color profiles. CMYK is supported natively and is ready for professional production.

Krita - about
Krita – about

Krita runs on all popular operating systems; Windows, OSX and Linux and any Huion graphics tablet or pen display is suitable for Krita.

Krita comes with strong layer management system, supporting many layer types e.g. Paint, Vector, Filter, File, Group … You can combine, rearrange, add, delete layers, move objects between layers and choose from three different layer views.

Mask(s) can be applied to any layer for non-destructive transformations e.g. transparency, resize, color filter. More filters can be applied to layer simultaneously and any filter can be switched on or off at any time.

The Krita’s Assistant Tool enables you to make the shape you want. You can choose from various drawing assitant toll like perspective, ellipse, fisheye, point, … Multiple assistants can be used at the same time when drawing.

Krita supports various file formats including PSD (Photoshop file format ). According to Krita website it can open even PSD files Photoshop can’t do.

There are many resources how to start and use Krita in Documentation section. Krita’s popularity is rising and besides resources in Krita’s website many helpful articles and videos could be found. I suggest to take a look at David Revoy’s website.

For more information and download do visit Krita official website.